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This report tracks Trump Transition picks from announcement through confirmation.

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Trump Transition Picks to Date (with brief takes)
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CABINET (Senate Confirmation Required)

SoS: Rex”T-REX” Tillerson! (Nationalist Titan of Industry)C
Justice: Jeff Sessions!!! (Law and Order)C
Defense: General James”Mad Dog”Mattis!! (21st Century Patton)C
HUD: Dr. Ben Carson!! (Outsider heal inner cities)C
DHS: General John Kelly! (Threat assessment/prevention)C
HHS: Tom Price! (Tea Party OG Executioner of obamacare)C
Treasury: Steve Mnuchin! (Economic nationalist-investment)C
Commerce: Wilbur Ross! (Unleash national energy resources)C
Energy: Rick Perry (Energy Independence)C
Interior: Ryan Zinke (Outdoorsman Ex Navy Seal Cmdr)C
Education: Betsy Devos (Reformer anti common core / unions)C
Transportation: Elaine Chao (Experienced+leverage Mcconnel)C
VA: David Shulkin C
Labor: Alex Acosta *
Agriculture: Sonny Perdue *

*Confirmation hearing concluded (votes pending)


Strategy and Policy

Chief Strategist: Steve”Honey Badger”Bannon!!! (THE Outsider)
Chief of Staff: Reince Preibus! (Leverage Ryan + opens RNC Chair)
Counselor to the President: Kellyanne Conway! (Messaging)
WH Counsel: Don McGahn (Libertarian constitutional law expert)
Sr. Policy Advisor: Stephen Miller!! (Nationalist-Loyalist)


Press Secretary: Sean Spicer! (Pit Bull)
Social Media Director: Dan Scavino! (Loyalist)
Strategic Communications Director: Hope Hicks (Loyalist)

NEW>>Director of Communications: Mike Dubke


National Security: H.R. McMaster
National Sec Deputy: KT McFarland (Total pro)
National Sec Chief of Staff: Lt. Gen. Keith Kellog (War hero)
National Intelligence: Dan Coats (Smooth Confirmation)C
CIA Director: Mike Pompeo! (OG Tea Party West Point top of class)C
CIA Deputy Director: Gina Haspel (shhhhhhh)
Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism: Tom Bossert
Cyber Security Special Adviser: Rudy Giuliani (Loyalist)


*EPA: Scott Pruitt! (Remove regulations)C
*SBA: Linda McMahon! (Entrepreneur + loyalist outsider)C
*OMB: Mick Mulvaney (Fiscal hawk)C
NEC Director: Gary Cohn (Banking and investment tactician)
U.S. Trade Representative: Robert Lighthizer (Tough on Imports)*


CMS: Seema Verma (Reformer+Pence ally)C
UN: Nikki Haley (SC gov seat for Trump loyalist McMaster) C

Secretary Of The Army: TBD**
Secretary Of The Navy: TBD**
Secretary Of The Air Force: Heather Wilson*

*Confirmation hearing concluded (vote pending)
**Senate Confirmation Required


Supreme Court Justice: Dr. Neil Gorsuch (Pro-Life 49 years old) 4/3

Ambassador to China: Terry”Old Friend”Barnstad! (Take lumps out)C

Ambassador to Israel: David Friedman (Pro Israel)C

National Trade Council: Peter Navarro!! (Tough on China)

International Negotiations Rep: Jason Greenblatt (Pro Israel)

Special Adviser to the President: Carl Icahn!! (Regulatory Reform)

American Mnfg. Council: Andrew Liveris (Job Creation)

Strategic and Policy Economic Forum: List of Members


Primary Intel Source: The Conservative Treehouse

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