Secretary Of Defense James Mattis On The Move!



Secretary of Defense James Mattis toured South Korea and Japan, sending shockwaves throughout the region.  His first stop was at the Korean War Memorial, where he honored those who had fallen and personally thanked those who fought and survived. He visited joint forces as well as held high level meetings with both military and government officials.

Mattis then went to Japan, where he met with officials to discuss the terms of the U.S. Japan Defense Agreement as well as the threats posed by both N. Korea and China.  He also held an electric joint press conference (see below) where he committed the United States to the defense of the Senkaku Islands that China claims.  The U.S. opposition media will attempt to turn an extremely successful mission into something negative. “China is angry” “Trump is going to start a war” etc.  IGNORE THEM.

Japan and South Korea are happy. China and North Korea are SHOOK.
That is all that matters.

Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan; September 8, 1951

Mutual Defense Treaty Between the United States and the Republic of Korea; October 1, 1953

(The following is my tweet storm of images, video, and articles to commemorate this timely and powerful event. Click to play or read.)

SOUTH KOREA (images and clips)


A man of respect.

Formal Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial.

Personally thanking Korean War Veterans. (extraordinary moment)

Imagine you are Kim Jong-un and the man in charge of the most powerful military in the world is thoughtfully surveying the land.

Postcard for Kim Jong-un


U.S. South Korean Alliance is IRONCLAD (Korean News)

Mattis to Kim Jong-un: Keep your head down! (Japan Times)

JAPAN (images and clips)


The American and Japanese flags flying close to each other in the presence of the United States Secretary of Defense is sublime.

Nothing scares China more than this.

Mad Dog on the march! (Imperial March!)

Mattis makes things REAL for China!



Triple Alliance in the East! (Japan Times)

The Paper Dragon Lashes Out in a Hissy Fit! (U.S. article)

Shake ’em James! Shake ’em! (U.S. article)

Awww China upset. (India News)

Mattis chastises China for “shredding the trust of it’s neighbors.(Military News)

Japan and South Korea are reassured and happy. (AP)

Note: To make the clips I watch satellite news feeds and cut out what I think are the most significant moments. Please like and retweet those that you enjoyed. 

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