January 6th, 2017 

Joint session of Congress met to certify the electoral college votes for the 2016 Presidential Election. Multiple democrat representatives tried to object but unfortunately for them they need a signature from a senator. Just ONE senator’s signature would allow for a state’s certification to be debated.  No signature. No debate.

Watch the moonbats desperately flail away to the sound of Crazy Uncle Joe’s Gavel!



“There is no debate. No debate. No debate!” (whack whack)

“Do you have a signature from a senator?”

“I have a signature for myself?”

“Not as of yet….”

 “Muh Russian intrusion” to the sound of 5 gavels

When your mic gets cut! (5 whacks)

“I uh have a written document with MY signature” (7 whacks!)

“Horrified and Screeching!” (10 whacks!)

“Proceed with the count” (6 whacks)

“Is there one U.S. Senator?  Just one???” NOPE!

Trump wins for the 4th time as DOW flirts with 20,000


Election WIN
Recounts WIN
Electoral College WIN
Certification WIN

We are not tired of winning and the democrats are not tired of losing.  

It’s a beautiful thing and a match made in heaven.

Trump will never run
>Trump will never breach 15%
>Trump will never win New Hampshire
>Trump will never release his financials
>Trump will never breach 25%
>Trump will never win SC
>Trump will never breach 35%
>Trump will never breach 50%
>Trump will never reach 1237
>Trump will never recover after Wisconsin
>Trump will never win unbound delegates
>Trump will never recover after Colorado
>Trump will never be the nominee
>Trump will never predict BREXIT
>Trump will never pivot to the GE
>Trump will never unify the majority of the GOP
>Trump will never beat Clinton in swing states
>Trump will never get 270
>Trump will never bring back manufacturing jobs
>Trump will never be POTUS
>Trump will never repeal Obamacare
>Trump’s press secretary will never read this out during a press briefing
>Trump will never replace Obamacare with something much better
>Trump will never build the wall
>Trump will never block risky or illegal immigrants
>Trump will never deport said illegals
>Trump will never prove he won the Popular Vote
>Trump will never abolish Common Core
>Trump will never renegotiate our trade deals
>Trump will never survive the 4 years
>Trump will never win a second term
>JTrump will never MAGA
>Trump will never MEGA
>Trump will never colonize Mars
>Trump will never colonize the Milky Way

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