This report focuses on the looming battle between Sanctuary Cities and the Trump Administration.

The Top Sanctuary Cities annually receive over $14 billion in direct Federal Funding.  

NYC: $7.127 billion Link 


DC: $3.3 billion Link


Chicago: $1.25 billion Link


LA: $950 million* Link 

San Francisco: $475 million Link 


Seattle: $319 million Link


Boston: $250 million Link 

Oakland: $228 million*  Link

Austin: $180 million* Link


*These city budgets lump federal funding in a category called “Intergovernmental funds” and/or “Other” which makes the exact number unclear.

The Nuclear Option: Cutting State Federal Funds

In addition to receiving the direct funding listed above, sanctuary cities also receive federal funds through the states.  For example, California as a state receives $93.6 billion in federal funding.  A whopping %37 of the state budget!  California would go bankrupt overnight if they lost their federal funds. Cutting state funding would be put IMMENSE pressure on sanctuary cities from their own state government. It is the nuclear option. Link

Federal Law Enforcement Grant can be cut on day one via Donald Trump Act Link

On day one Trump can cut Department of Justice Federal Law Enforcement Funds instantly cutting $342 million. If the cities do not comply, the Justice Department can demand an $8.5 billion refund for ALL funds received to date.  Link 

How do liberal cities spend America’s hard earned money?

Human Services

The bulk of Federal funds (about 50%) primarily go towards Human Services. Human services are comprised of health care, education, employment, public safety, housing, and other services for the poor. Here are a few prime examples:

  • San Francisco $25.6 million Federal Homeless Grant Link
  • Seattle $28 million Federal Homeless Grant) Link
  • Los Angeles $39 million Federal Homeless Grant) Link
  • Boston $30 million Federal Housing Grant Link

Sanctuary cities rely on American citizens like you and me to deal with their significant homeless and affordable housing problems. These programs quell discontent and give moral satisfaction.  If these programs are cut liberal mayors would be put in a very tough spot having to choose between helping the poor and homeless or harboring illegal immigrants….


Transportation and Infrastructure

The next big chunk goes to transportation and infrastructure. (about 35-40%)  The competition for these grants is fierce, and with good reason. They create jobs, maintain appearances, and help the city function. More importantly, they are the primary source of civic and MAYORAL PRIDE.  Mayors are very much addicted to these programs.

  • Chicago $177 million Federal Transportation Grant Link
  • New York City $100 million Federal Transportation Grant Link
  • San Francisco $50 million Federal Transportation Grant Link
  • Austin $39 million Federal Transportation Grant Link

Without America’s hard earned money civic pride would suffer, unemployment would go up, and the cities would begin to break down. Is it any wonder Deblasio and Emanuel scurried to Trump Tower to plead their cases?

Mayors addicted to Federal Funding already feeling the heat!

Notice how he goes through his liberal talking points rapid fire lauding multiple Federal Programs without mentioning them as such.  He is addicted to his federal money and it shows.

In addition to being subsidized by the rest of America, sanctuary cities have the following in common:

  • Deep in debt
  • Run by democrats for decades
  • Vote overwhelmingly democrat
  • High crime rates


Moral High Ground

Trump can be expected to seize the moral high ground on the grounds of public safety immediately via The Donald Trump Act link  Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department will lead the charge, functioning as the tip of the spear. General Kelly and the DHS will provide additional muscle if needed.

Please Read: Sanctuary City Crime Wave Exposed

Please Read: San Francisco – A Sanctuary City For Whom Exactly?

Mayors can be expected to try to take it back with faux moral outrage (it’s really about the money) with phrases such as “Trump wants to tear families apart” and “Trump wants to cut off aid to the poor”.  Trump can easily flip that back on them with one tweet and make them own it. “You chose illegals over LEGAL American citizens, not me.”

Presidential Power and Administrative Leverage

The President of the Unites States of America has the Constitutional authority to enforce federal laws.  (Article II, Section 3) Link

As much as some might enjoy the spectacle, immediate cuts to existing programs would cause bankruptcy, chaos, and major civil unrest. Cutting existing programs would also have to go through Congress and passing such cuts would be very difficult, but not impossible. (see Donald Trump Act above)

  • Trump can use his veto as leverage, insisting that subsequent bills come out of Congress with language that prohibits funds from going to sanctuary cities.
  • Trump can direct his departmental secretaries to pass over sanctuary cities when they apply for grants.
  • Executive Orders would be a last resort due to his criticism of their usage.
  • Republican state governors can also exert administrative leverage by directing state funds to non sanctuary cities and counties.



Donald Trump has EXTREME financial leverage. 

Donald Trump has significant administrative leverage.

Donald Trump has legal leverage.

Donald Trump has moral leverage.

Donald Trump is a Grand Master at applying leverage.


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