Push-Ups For Trump – A 1st Person Account

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”― John F. Kennedy


I was inspired by the flash mobs for Trump that people have posted on Twitter and I decided I would do a one man version along the lines of a one man band.  I looked over at my one Trump sign that I was given at a Trump rally many months ago and the wheels started turning.

I decided it would get pretty boring just standing around by myself and the idea popped into my head to do push-ups for every person that honked as they drove by.  I very much underestimated the number of honks I would get throughout the day.

10am walked a mile to Thruway over pass and tied my American flag to the fence and held up my sign.  A lot of cars honked and what I found amazing were the number of truckers that honked as they drove under. Truckers are blue collar guys and I imagine a lot of them typically vote dem or not at all.

1130am Two state troopers pulls up and I am thinking uh oh here we go. Apparently someone called to complain.  The troopers said they thought it was great what I was doing and that they were both voting for Trump.  There was no sidewalk and no real shoulder to speak of and as such it was not safe.  They suggested I go to the spot I had previously scouted out where there is a lot of traffic where the Thruway dumps people heading into town and  cars have to stop for the four way signal.

12pm set up shop on busy 4 way intersection.  It had rained previous day which allowed me to push my home made signs into the ground. One Trump sign from a rally and another made from a cake board, both stapled to a piece of furniture molding.

Between 12pm and 5pm I stood there and worked that corner for Trump with everything I had.  The first sets of pushups I did marine style which I later would regret as the pushups piled up. In between honks I did jumping jacks. There were too many honks and thumbs up to count! As the day wore on I literally had to pray for strength to carry on. People shouted “Hillary for Prison!” and “Make America Great Again” multiple times. I am sort of a caveman and have a “dumb phone” so  I prayed to God that someone would come by and make a video and He delivered!  At least 10 people drove by slowly making videos and taking photos. One person joined me for a few hours and 3 others actually pulled over and made videos.

Here are some highlights:

Both the state troopers from the overpass drove past sirens flashing both giving me the thumbs up.  They were not on a way to a call for as soon as they went through the intersection they cut the sirens.

Jean a lifelong democrat now for Trump joined me. She brought 2 American flags that she waved as she said “Honk for Trump”.  She gave me a bottle of water which truly a blessing as I was thirsty and did not want to abandon my post. She also gave me two weatherproof Trump/Pence yard signs which was timely as the wind had tattered my sign and caused the staples to rip through it.  . What an angel.

Randy told me he was a ham radio operator and he overheard a trucker mention seeing me on the overpass and that is how he found me.  He apparently put me on facebook live.

Joe told me he missed his exit and got off to turn around and saw me and stopped and made a youtube which he sent me later:


Kay a former Bernie supporter rolled her window down and told me she would come back and make a video and she did. I am currently waiting for her to send me the link. Will post it when I get it.

Some kid stopped by out of nowhere and asked if he could sing the Star Spangled Banner. Jean and I stopped what we were doing and he sang to us and then he vanished.

Local homeless guy tooled by on his bike and gave me thumbs up.

Group of teenagers stopped and all took photos of the crazy Trump Guy while shouting “Hillary for Prison!”

When I went to the gas station to get drinks they called me “The Trump Guy”. I liked that.


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