February 18th, 2017. A Day to Remember.


Tribute page to memorialize and celebrate President Donald J. Trump’s first post inauguration rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday February 18th, 2017.  The following is a timeline of images and video that capture a day that we will never forget!  Enjoy! 

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The line.

Just SOME of the line…

Here is Gene Huber. He started the line at 4am.  Multiple media outlets interviewed him before the rally.  Someone was watching…

“The resistance” was pathetic.




Hangar packed to the gills. (Official attendance: 9,000)

360 degree photo

Diamond and Silk bringing that FIRE!  (MUST LISTEN)

THE ENTRANCE to The Battle Hymn of the Republic!


Melania introduces President Trump with The Lord’s Prayer. Note the signs in the background.  BOTH POWERFUL STATEMENTS.




We are the source of his strength and he is the source of ours.

It’s the DIRECT MESSAGING that hurts the media the most.

EPIC moment Gene Huber gets called up on stage!

Feels good.

Gene Huber represents the forgotten man, forgotten no more. (article)

President Trump: “A star is born.”




DO NOT underestimate the power of this statement. 

Blue Lives Matter! (BLM and violent protesters put on notice)

Comprehensive National Security Executive Order is coming, and coming soon… 

Scott Pruitt and EPA reforms are key to the Economic Revolution.

Veterans Administration reforms are in the works.

President Trump keeping his foot on the neck of the Democrats

The statement heard around the world.  Globalists are shook.

Bringing down the house!




Gene Huber Interview:





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#TrumpTransition Tracker


This report tracks Trump Transition picks from announcement through confirmation.

Official Press Releases: The Transition Team

Daily Confirmation Hearing Schedule: Link

Senate Executive Calendar:Link
Senate Vote Roll Call: Link
Senate Floor Live Stream: Link
Presidential Nomination Status: Link



Trump Transition Picks to Date (with brief takes)
Click Nominee for info and strategic analysis

CABINET (Senate Confirmation Required)

SoS: Rex”T-REX” Tillerson! (Nationalist Titan of Industry)C
Justice: Jeff Sessions!!! (Law and Order)C
Defense: General James”Mad Dog”Mattis!! (21st Century Patton)C
HUD: Dr. Ben Carson!! (Outsider heal inner cities)C
DHS: General John Kelly! (Threat assessment/prevention)C
HHS: Tom Price! (Tea Party OG Executioner of obamacare)C
Treasury: Steve Mnuchin! (Economic nationalist-investment)C
Commerce: Wilbur Ross! (Unleash national energy resources)C
Energy: Rick Perry (Energy Independence)C
Interior: Ryan Zinke (Outdoorsman Ex Navy Seal Cmdr)C
Education: Betsy Devos (Reformer anti common core / unions)C
Transportation: Elaine Chao (Experienced+leverage Mcconnel)C
VA: David Shulkin C
Labor: Alex Acosta *
Agriculture: Sonny Perdue *

*Confirmation hearing concluded (votes pending)


Strategy and Policy

Chief Strategist: Steve”Honey Badger”Bannon!!! (THE Outsider)
Chief of Staff: Reince Preibus! (Leverage Ryan + opens RNC Chair)
Counselor to the President: Kellyanne Conway! (Messaging)
WH Counsel: Don McGahn (Libertarian constitutional law expert)
Sr. Policy Advisor: Stephen Miller!! (Nationalist-Loyalist)


Press Secretary: Sean Spicer! (Pit Bull)
Social Media Director: Dan Scavino! (Loyalist)
Strategic Communications Director: Hope Hicks (Loyalist)

NEW>>Director of Communications: Mike Dubke


National Security: H.R. McMaster
National Sec Deputy: KT McFarland (Total pro)
National Sec Chief of Staff: Lt. Gen. Keith Kellog (War hero)
National Intelligence: Dan Coats (Smooth Confirmation)C
CIA Director: Mike Pompeo! (OG Tea Party West Point top of class)C
CIA Deputy Director: Gina Haspel (shhhhhhh)
Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism: Tom Bossert
Cyber Security Special Adviser: Rudy Giuliani (Loyalist)


*EPA: Scott Pruitt! (Remove regulations)C
*SBA: Linda McMahon! (Entrepreneur + loyalist outsider)C
*OMB: Mick Mulvaney (Fiscal hawk)C
NEC Director: Gary Cohn (Banking and investment tactician)
U.S. Trade Representative: Robert Lighthizer (Tough on Imports)*


CMS: Seema Verma (Reformer+Pence ally)C
UN: Nikki Haley (SC gov seat for Trump loyalist McMaster) C

Secretary Of The Army: TBD**
Secretary Of The Navy: TBD**
Secretary Of The Air Force: Heather Wilson*

*Confirmation hearing concluded (vote pending)
**Senate Confirmation Required


Supreme Court Justice: Dr. Neil Gorsuch (Pro-Life 49 years old) 4/3

Ambassador to China: Terry”Old Friend”Barnstad! (Take lumps out)C

Ambassador to Israel: David Friedman (Pro Israel)C

National Trade Council: Peter Navarro!! (Tough on China)

International Negotiations Rep: Jason Greenblatt (Pro Israel)

Special Adviser to the President: Carl Icahn!! (Regulatory Reform)

American Mnfg. Council: Andrew Liveris (Job Creation)

Strategic and Policy Economic Forum: List of Members


Primary Intel Source: The Conservative Treehouse

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Secretary Of Defense James Mattis On The Move!


Secretary of Defense James Mattis toured South Korea and Japan, sending shockwaves throughout the region.  His first stop was at the Korean War Memorial, where he honored those who had fallen and personally thanked those who fought and survived. He visited joint forces as well as held high level meetings with both military and government officials.

Mattis then went to Japan, where he met with officials to discuss the terms of the U.S. Japan Defense Agreement as well as the threats posed by both N. Korea and China.  He also held an electric joint press conference (see below) where he committed the United States to the defense of the Senkaku Islands that China claims.  The U.S. opposition media will attempt to turn an extremely successful mission into something negative. “China is angry” “Trump is going to start a war” etc.  IGNORE THEM.

Japan and South Korea are happy. China and North Korea are SHOOK.
That is all that matters.

Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan; September 8, 1951

Mutual Defense Treaty Between the United States and the Republic of Korea; October 1, 1953

(The following is my tweet storm of images, video, and articles to commemorate this timely and powerful event. Click to play or read.)

SOUTH KOREA (images and clips)


A man of respect.

Formal Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Korean War Memorial.

Personally thanking Korean War Veterans. (extraordinary moment)

Imagine you are Kim Jong-un and the man in charge of the most powerful military in the world is thoughtfully surveying the land.

Postcard for Kim Jong-un


U.S. South Korean Alliance is IRONCLAD (Korean News)

Mattis to Kim Jong-un: Keep your head down! (Japan Times)

JAPAN (images and clips)


The American and Japanese flags flying close to each other in the presence of the United States Secretary of Defense is sublime.

Nothing scares China more than this.

Mad Dog on the march! (Imperial March!)

Mattis makes things REAL for China!



Triple Alliance in the East! (Japan Times)

The Paper Dragon Lashes Out in a Hissy Fit! (U.S. article)

Shake ’em James! Shake ’em! (U.S. article)

Awww China upset. (India News)

Mattis chastises China for “shredding the trust of it’s neighbors.(Military News)

Japan and South Korea are reassured and happy. (AP)

Note: To make the clips I watch satellite news feeds and cut out what I think are the most significant moments. Please like and retweet those that you enjoyed. 

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January 6th, 2017 

Joint session of Congress met to certify the electoral college votes for the 2016 Presidential Election. Multiple democrat representatives tried to object but unfortunately for them they need a signature from a senator. Just ONE senator’s signature would allow for a state’s certification to be debated.  No signature. No debate.

Watch the moonbats desperately flail away to the sound of Crazy Uncle Joe’s Gavel!



“There is no debate. No debate. No debate!” (whack whack)

“Do you have a signature from a senator?”

“I have a signature for myself?”

“Not as of yet….”

 “Muh Russian intrusion” to the sound of 5 gavels

When your mic gets cut! (5 whacks)

“I uh have a written document with MY signature” (7 whacks!)

“Horrified and Screeching!” (10 whacks!)

“Proceed with the count” (6 whacks)

“Is there one U.S. Senator?  Just one???” NOPE!

Trump wins for the 4th time as DOW flirts with 20,000


Election WIN
Recounts WIN
Electoral College WIN
Certification WIN

We are not tired of winning and the democrats are not tired of losing.  

It’s a beautiful thing and a match made in heaven.

Trump will never run
>Trump will never breach 15%
>Trump will never win New Hampshire
>Trump will never release his financials
>Trump will never breach 25%
>Trump will never win SC
>Trump will never breach 35%
>Trump will never breach 50%
>Trump will never reach 1237
>Trump will never recover after Wisconsin
>Trump will never win unbound delegates
>Trump will never recover after Colorado
>Trump will never be the nominee
>Trump will never predict BREXIT
>Trump will never pivot to the GE
>Trump will never unify the majority of the GOP
>Trump will never beat Clinton in swing states
>Trump will never get 270
>Trump will never bring back manufacturing jobs
>Trump will never be POTUS
>Trump will never repeal Obamacare
>Trump’s press secretary will never read this out during a press briefing
>Trump will never replace Obamacare with something much better
>Trump will never build the wall
>Trump will never block risky or illegal immigrants
>Trump will never deport said illegals
>Trump will never prove he won the Popular Vote
>Trump will never abolish Common Core
>Trump will never renegotiate our trade deals
>Trump will never survive the 4 years
>Trump will never win a second term
>JTrump will never MAGA
>Trump will never MEGA
>Trump will never colonize Mars
>Trump will never colonize the Milky Way

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#AmericaFirst Job Announcement Tracker


Ford’s announcement on the 17th of November is the snowball that starting rolling downhill.  It is getting larger, and larger, and picking up momentum…

Trump’s America First Economic Plan is already paying dividends. No laws have been changed yet, but that is not stopping business leaders from making YUGE commitments based on the sheer confidence in Trump’s plan and trust in his word. Let that sink in….

Please Read: Donald Trump Speech at New York Economic Club (transcript)


This report focuses on major job announcements by large corporations which are easy to identify and tabulate. The REAL boom is going to come from the millions of jobs created by small business owners and entrepreneurs:  Small Business Optimism Highest Since 1980



26 Companies

435,530+ Jobs

$132,751,000,000+ Investment



November 17th
Ford Plant to stay in Kentucky and not move to Mexico adding 4,800 jobs Link

November 29th
Carrier Plant to stay in Indiana instead of moving to Mexico, investing $16 million and creating 1,000 jobs Link

December 6th
SoftBank of Japan to invest $50 billion in the United States creating 50,000 jobs Link

December 7th
U.S. Steel to reinvest in the U.S. and rehire laid off workers, adding 10,000 jobs and investing $10 billion Link

TransLux to move full manufacturing from China back to U.S. Link

  • Job and investment totals not available

Foxconn to expand production into the U.S. creating 50,000 jobs and investing $7 billion Link

December 9th
DOW to create state of the art innovation center in Michigan Link

  • Design products/systems for U.S. production = 1,000’s of jobs
  • Investment total not available

Trump Ford Teaser: “Ford’s made a promise to me, and hopefully at the beginning of the year, they are going to honor that promise about something they are going to do that’s very big. They are going to do it in Michigan, not in Mexico. It’s gonna be great.” Trump said Friday night at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. (see January 3rd below)

December 13th

IBM to invest $1 billion, hire 25,000 U.S. workers, and open 20 tech vocational schools Link

December 27th
Tesla, Panasonic to make solar cells in Buffalo, New York creating 1,500 jobs and investing $5 billion Link

December 28th
Sprint to bring 5,000 jobs back to the U.S.- OneWeb to create 3,000 jobs Link

  • Investment totals not available

January 3rd 
 Ford Cancels $1.6 billion Mexico Plant. Will Expand in Michigan adding 700 jobs and investing $700 million  Link

January 5th 
Stanley Black and Decker to Open $35 million plant in US Link

  • Jobs number not yet available

January 8th 
Fiat Chrysler to Invest $1 billion and add 2,000 jobs in Michigan and Ohio Link

January 9th 
Toyota to invest $10 billion in the U.S. over 5 years Link

  • Jobs number not yet available

January 12th 
Amazon to create 100,000 jobs over next 18 months Link

  • Investment total not available

January 13th 
Lockheed to reduce F35 cost and add 1,800 jobs in Texas Link

  • Investment total not available

January 16th 
GM to invest $1 billion in the U.S. and create/retain 1,000 jobs Link

January 17th 
Hyundai-Kia to invest $3.1 billion in the U.S. over 5 years Link

  • Jobs number not available

Walmart to invest $6.8 billion  and create 34,000 jobs Link

Bayer to invest $8 billion in the U.S. and creat 3,000 jobs after meeting with Trump Link

January 23rd
Kroger plans 2017 expansion adding 10,000 jobs Link

  • Investment total not available

January 24th
Toyota to invest $600 million and add 400 jobs to Indiana plant. Link

February 8th
Intel to invest $7 billion and create 3,000 jobs in AZ Link

March 6th
Exxon Mobil to invest $20 billion and create 47,000 jobs Link

March 8th
Samsung to invest $300 million and create 500 jobs Link

Home Depot to create 80,000 new jobs nationwide Link

  • Investment total not available

March 16th
Ford to invest $1.2 billion and create 830 jobs Link


U.S. Steel
Stanley Black and Decker
Fiat Chrysler
Exxon Mobil
Home Depot


A Third Dimension in American Economics

The Space Between Two Economies

Economic Tripwire #3

Dutch Bank Predicts Trump Economy Will More Than Double GDP

Trumpnomics is Happening



IMPORTANT NOTE: The above links contain in depth commentary from The Conservative Treehouse as well links to press releases.

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This report focuses on the looming battle between Sanctuary Cities and the Trump Administration.

The Top Sanctuary Cities annually receive over $14 billion in direct Federal Funding.  

NYC: $7.127 billion Link 


DC: $3.3 billion Link


Chicago: $1.25 billion Link


LA: $950 million* Link 

San Francisco: $475 million Link 


Seattle: $319 million Link


Boston: $250 million Link 

Oakland: $228 million*  Link

Austin: $180 million* Link


*These city budgets lump federal funding in a category called “Intergovernmental funds” and/or “Other” which makes the exact number unclear.

The Nuclear Option: Cutting State Federal Funds

In addition to receiving the direct funding listed above, sanctuary cities also receive federal funds through the states.  For example, California as a state receives $93.6 billion in federal funding.  A whopping %37 of the state budget!  California would go bankrupt overnight if they lost their federal funds. Cutting state funding would be put IMMENSE pressure on sanctuary cities from their own state government. It is the nuclear option. Link

Federal Law Enforcement Grant can be cut on day one via Donald Trump Act Link

On day one Trump can cut Department of Justice Federal Law Enforcement Funds instantly cutting $342 million. If the cities do not comply, the Justice Department can demand an $8.5 billion refund for ALL funds received to date.  Link 

How do liberal cities spend America’s hard earned money?

Human Services

The bulk of Federal funds (about 50%) primarily go towards Human Services. Human services are comprised of health care, education, employment, public safety, housing, and other services for the poor. Here are a few prime examples:

  • San Francisco $25.6 million Federal Homeless Grant Link
  • Seattle $28 million Federal Homeless Grant) Link
  • Los Angeles $39 million Federal Homeless Grant) Link
  • Boston $30 million Federal Housing Grant Link

Sanctuary cities rely on American citizens like you and me to deal with their significant homeless and affordable housing problems. These programs quell discontent and give moral satisfaction.  If these programs are cut liberal mayors would be put in a very tough spot having to choose between helping the poor and homeless or harboring illegal immigrants….


Transportation and Infrastructure

The next big chunk goes to transportation and infrastructure. (about 35-40%)  The competition for these grants is fierce, and with good reason. They create jobs, maintain appearances, and help the city function. More importantly, they are the primary source of civic and MAYORAL PRIDE.  Mayors are very much addicted to these programs.

  • Chicago $177 million Federal Transportation Grant Link
  • New York City $100 million Federal Transportation Grant Link
  • San Francisco $50 million Federal Transportation Grant Link
  • Austin $39 million Federal Transportation Grant Link

Without America’s hard earned money civic pride would suffer, unemployment would go up, and the cities would begin to break down. Is it any wonder Deblasio and Emanuel scurried to Trump Tower to plead their cases?

Mayors addicted to Federal Funding already feeling the heat!

Notice how he goes through his liberal talking points rapid fire lauding multiple Federal Programs without mentioning them as such.  He is addicted to his federal money and it shows.

In addition to being subsidized by the rest of America, sanctuary cities have the following in common:

  • Deep in debt
  • Run by democrats for decades
  • Vote overwhelmingly democrat
  • High crime rates


Moral High Ground

Trump can be expected to seize the moral high ground on the grounds of public safety immediately via The Donald Trump Act link  Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department will lead the charge, functioning as the tip of the spear. General Kelly and the DHS will provide additional muscle if needed.

Please Read: Sanctuary City Crime Wave Exposed

Please Read: San Francisco – A Sanctuary City For Whom Exactly?

Mayors can be expected to try to take it back with faux moral outrage (it’s really about the money) with phrases such as “Trump wants to tear families apart” and “Trump wants to cut off aid to the poor”.  Trump can easily flip that back on them with one tweet and make them own it. “You chose illegals over LEGAL American citizens, not me.”

Presidential Power and Administrative Leverage

The President of the Unites States of America has the Constitutional authority to enforce federal laws.  (Article II, Section 3) Link

As much as some might enjoy the spectacle, immediate cuts to existing programs would cause bankruptcy, chaos, and major civil unrest. Cutting existing programs would also have to go through Congress and passing such cuts would be very difficult, but not impossible. (see Donald Trump Act above)

  • Trump can use his veto as leverage, insisting that subsequent bills come out of Congress with language that prohibits funds from going to sanctuary cities.
  • Trump can direct his departmental secretaries to pass over sanctuary cities when they apply for grants.
  • Executive Orders would be a last resort due to his criticism of their usage.
  • Republican state governors can also exert administrative leverage by directing state funds to non sanctuary cities and counties.



Donald Trump has EXTREME financial leverage. 

Donald Trump has significant administrative leverage.

Donald Trump has legal leverage.

Donald Trump has moral leverage.

Donald Trump is a Grand Master at applying leverage.


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Push-Ups For Trump – A 1st Person Account

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”― John F. Kennedy


I was inspired by the flash mobs for Trump that people have posted on Twitter and I decided I would do a one man version along the lines of a one man band.  I looked over at my one Trump sign that I was given at a Trump rally many months ago and the wheels started turning.

I decided it would get pretty boring just standing around by myself and the idea popped into my head to do push-ups for every person that honked as they drove by.  I very much underestimated the number of honks I would get throughout the day.

10am walked a mile to Thruway over pass and tied my American flag to the fence and held up my sign.  A lot of cars honked and what I found amazing were the number of truckers that honked as they drove under. Truckers are blue collar guys and I imagine a lot of them typically vote dem or not at all.

1130am Two state troopers pulls up and I am thinking uh oh here we go. Apparently someone called to complain.  The troopers said they thought it was great what I was doing and that they were both voting for Trump.  There was no sidewalk and no real shoulder to speak of and as such it was not safe.  They suggested I go to the spot I had previously scouted out where there is a lot of traffic where the Thruway dumps people heading into town and  cars have to stop for the four way signal.

12pm set up shop on busy 4 way intersection.  It had rained previous day which allowed me to push my home made signs into the ground. One Trump sign from a rally and another made from a cake board, both stapled to a piece of furniture molding.

Between 12pm and 5pm I stood there and worked that corner for Trump with everything I had.  The first sets of pushups I did marine style which I later would regret as the pushups piled up. In between honks I did jumping jacks. There were too many honks and thumbs up to count! As the day wore on I literally had to pray for strength to carry on. People shouted “Hillary for Prison!” and “Make America Great Again” multiple times. I am sort of a caveman and have a “dumb phone” so  I prayed to God that someone would come by and make a video and He delivered!  At least 10 people drove by slowly making videos and taking photos. One person joined me for a few hours and 3 others actually pulled over and made videos.

Here are some highlights:

Both the state troopers from the overpass drove past sirens flashing both giving me the thumbs up.  They were not on a way to a call for as soon as they went through the intersection they cut the sirens.

Jean a lifelong democrat now for Trump joined me. She brought 2 American flags that she waved as she said “Honk for Trump”.  She gave me a bottle of water which truly a blessing as I was thirsty and did not want to abandon my post. She also gave me two weatherproof Trump/Pence yard signs which was timely as the wind had tattered my sign and caused the staples to rip through it.  . What an angel.

Randy told me he was a ham radio operator and he overheard a trucker mention seeing me on the overpass and that is how he found me.  He apparently put me on facebook live.

Joe told me he missed his exit and got off to turn around and saw me and stopped and made a youtube which he sent me later:


Kay a former Bernie supporter rolled her window down and told me she would come back and make a video and she did. I am currently waiting for her to send me the link. Will post it when I get it.

Some kid stopped by out of nowhere and asked if he could sing the Star Spangled Banner. Jean and I stopped what we were doing and he sang to us and then he vanished.

Local homeless guy tooled by on his bike and gave me thumbs up.

Group of teenagers stopped and all took photos of the crazy Trump Guy while shouting “Hillary for Prison!”

When I went to the gas station to get drinks they called me “The Trump Guy”. I liked that.

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